Whether it is a collector’s watch, a musical instrument having belonged to a great composer, an archaeological item or just simply a souvenir, your best items for display merit being shown under the best conditions.

Falcotet showcases are all the result of artisan workmanship. Only the best materials and the most renowned craftsmen are used for our showcases which are all unique, are limited in number and are fully guaranteed. The purity of the lines, the transparency of the high quality glass, the final quality and even the incorporation of a lighting system or of specially treated mirrors allow for your most beautiful items to be well displayed while being perfectly protected.

Your objects are unique and so are our showcases. For each showcase, our specialists develop personalised solutions including the desired dimensions, visual value of the object exposed as well as the positioning of the showcase resulting in a glass case which has the elegance of a unique piece and the usefulness of a prestigious showcase.



“Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail.”
(Leonardo Da Vinci)
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